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The Othello Project Pitch

The Othello Project

The Intersection of Art, Pandemic, Place and Process                                              

For a classically trained black actor, Othello is the apex role in Shakespeare's canon. I had never played the role, so after being approached with the opportunity, I leapt at the chance!

Then COVID-19 hit. All live performance was put on pause. This was hard to take but I held out hope that as 2020 wore on, we could all return to the way things were. That wasn't to be.

Then George Floyd was murdered by police. The themes of Othello, of law and order, race and trust flared in my mind and an idea took hold to share my process with the world via short videos.

The idea that Seattle Shakespeare as the producing body for the production of Othello could help sprang to mind.


Together, we are telling the story set in the current day with themes centuries old.


Plague, Actor's Process, Black Lives Matter and the City of Seattle meld to make a document of the time. 

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